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Lora B.

Verified Purchase on Amazon

"If you purchased this cookbook because of the recipes, you'll be happy. If you purchased this cookbook and not only read and prepared the recipes, but also really READ the author's notes about Cuba, you'll be overjoyed.

This isn't just a cookbook. This is a book with recipes in it (think Ruth Reichl). The recipes are enticing and the photos are beautiful. But, what makes this cookbook so special is that it takes us to Cuba. It brings us along and shares the author's journey + history + recommendations + a travel itinerary. This cookbook is a delicious travel log and curated recipes - all infused with love.

I will be buying this again as a gift for all of my friends who love Cuba. I'm falling in love myself."

Alicia B.

Verified Purchase on Amazon

Liza Gershman's love affair with Cuba, and her new book Cuban Flavor, offers you spot-on insight into Cuba's past and current political concerns, her involvement in historic events, authentic delicious recipes and spectacular photos of the ordinary and sublime. Be it food, local folks & friends or the extraordinary landscapes... she has captured the soul of Cuba and it's unique culture. This book needs to be read cover to cover before putting it on the book shelf, and once you do, Cuba will be on your "Bucket List"...Enjoy!"

Michael P.

Verified Purchase on Amazon

"Don't read this book. Savor it!!!

Truly, every single page of this book is oozing authentic cuisine and real culture. Wow.

What took me completely by surprise is that it really isn't a cook book as much as it is an sweeping trip through one of Earth's last hermit kingdoms. Ms. Gershman's way with words and insider scoop is right up there with her stunning photography.

I love to read, and while I'm not the smartest kid in class, I don't buy picture books. This is different. I had no idea that Jeff Bezos would deliver 230 pages of *** Scrumptious *** eye candy and entertaining recipes and pictures of everything from local gastronomy to the thriving cocktail scene.

And now that I have the ideal 8 day itinerary for the veteran's trip to Cuba, I can't wait. Not only that, but when I read page 184 I decided that I have to go and experience Cafe Fortuna Joe for myself.

So buy this amazing book, poor yourself a Cuba Libre', curl up for a bit and savor Cuba. Wow."