Cuba Trip FAQ's

Is traveling to Cuba legal for US Citizens?
Yes. As long as you are traveling with an authorized and fully licensed company like Cuban Flavor Travel that focuses on educational People-to-People activities. The Cuban government created the People-to-people travel initiative as a way for US citizens to learn more about the Cuban culture through direct engagement.

What are the people-to-people activities we must participate in?

These activities essentially include anything that strengthens Cuban society such as:

Experience live music demonstrations

Meet with Cuban business owners

Visit and experience Cuban dance with local Cuban dance groups

Meet popular Cuban painters in their studio and art museums

Meet Cuban locals and learn how Cuban rum and cigars are made 

Dine at private, family owned Cuban restaurants and experience local Cuban life.

What travel documents do I need to travel to Cuba?
You will need a Valid US passport and a Travel Visa or Tourist Card. We will provide all of the support needed for you to obtain the Travel Visa.

Is Cuba safe for Americans?
Absolutely. Cuba is generally, one of the safest countries in the world because the Cuban Government has very strict laws on crimes committed against tourists. The crime rate is extremely low in Cuba however just like traveling to any other international destination we do recommend that you use common sense and safeguard your possessions.

How long is the trip to Cuba?
Cuban Flavor Travel currently offers several different Trip Packages ranging from 5-8 days. The length of your stay in Cuba will depend on the package you choose.

What are the packages you offer?
We currently offer 4 different packages, each with its own unique itinerary.
Forbidden Island Luxury Tour (8 Days / 7 Nights)
Weekend in Havana Luxury Tour (5 Days / 4 Nights)
Boutique Cuba Like a Local (8 Days / 7 nights)
Boutique Cuba Like a Local (5 Days / 4 Nights)

If you prefer a more personal experience, we can plan a fully legal luxury private trip for any size group.

When are the trips?
All of the Cuban Flavor Travel trips start on a Thursday, and are available nearly every week. Private trips with custom itineraries start anytime you like and last as long as you like. Please see the calendar for updated dates and availability.  

What is included on the trips?
We’ve intentionally designed our Cuban visits as a seamless and immersive experience from start to finish. Your trip will include: Double accommodation in a Cuban Casa, 3 delicious locally-sourced meals per day, Art walks, cooking classes, salsa lessons, horseback riding, etc, All transportation for duration of trip (including to/from airport), Support in obtaining visa and most importantly the opportunity to connect deeply with Cuba, yourself, and a group of new life-long friends.

What is not included on the trips?
The following items are not included in the Cuban Flavor Travel packages; Airfare, Travelers' insurance, Spa treatments, Optional activities (e.g., surfing, cooking, painting, massage) and Alcoholic Drinks - spirits, wine, beer.

Where will we be staying?
Cuban Flavor Travel believes the best way to immerse yourself in the Cuban culture and have the best experience possible is to stay in Cuban Casas or approved Hotels, depending on the level of comfort and local experience that you desire. The Casa’s are private family homes that are registered with the government to share with visitors. Think of them as an Air BnB, with a live in host!

What will we do on the trip?
We’ve designed our trips for a boutique experience, to highlight the unique spirit of Cuba. For example, you’ll learn about the following modern and traditional Cuban highlights:
Salsa to EDM, country tables to fine dining, Art and dance, global advancement, current and past political systems, historical movements and revolution, modern vs. traditional communication, burgeoning capitalist thought, freedom, growth, and more. To see our sample itineraries please click here.

Can I use my credit or debit card in Cuba?
No. All US issued credit/debit cards are not recognized by Cuban banks and therefore you must use cash. You will want to bring enough money to last the entire trip, this cash will be exchanged into Cuban currency.

How much money should I bring?
We recommend about $50 per day  for additional expenses like extra cocktails, souvenirs, cigars, etc.

Can I use my cell phone in Cuba?
Most likely no. Most US carriers are not set up to work in Cuba, but if your phone does it will cost around $3/minute.

Will I be able to connect to WiFi in Cuba?
WIFI can be purchased at some of the main hotels in Havana either by the hour or by the day but can only be used within the hotel. Please note that Internet and WIFI access in Cuba is much slower than in the United States.

Do I need to tip while in Cuba?
There will be times during the trip when there is opportunity to tip the local guides,
musicians, waiters, taxi drivers, etc. This is a completely optional practice to show
your appreciation for excellent service and you should never feel obliged to do so,
especially if you feel you did not receive good service.

Is everything done as a group while on the tour?

Yes. In order to ensure each individual traveler is fulfilling the legal requirements of people-to-people travel, all of the activities will be done as a group. If you are traveling independently, then all of your activities will be with one of our fantastic guides, in order to be compliant with the laws set by the US Government in early 2018.

Do you only offer pre planned itineraries based on your trip packages?

You have two options when traveling with Cuban Flavor -

Fully customizable itinerary, where you decide every moment of your trip based on your needs or a pre-planned trip curated by our experts.

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