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Lisa is Cooking Blog

"When I received a review copy of Cuban Flavor: Exploring the Island's Unique Places, People, and Cuisine by Liza Gersham, the photos immediately began to tell the story. My first reaction to the book was that it was going to make me want to travel. I wanted to see the sights and taste the food in Cuba."

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Slow Living Radio

"Gershman, who’s love affair with Cuba began long before her first visit, takes you along on a photojournalistic journey through the streets of Cuba and its paladares through her stunning photographs of the country’s glorious sights, the lively people, and, of course, the amazing variety of food."

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Wandering Educators

Photographer and writer Liza Gershman explains part of what drew her to first visit Cuba in 2003 was the challenge of getting there. "I'm a curious traveler," says Gershman. "I've been fortunate enough to travel my whole life. I like to explore new places – and I'm naturally curious. So if someone says it's difficult to go to a certain place, it intrigues me."

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ChowHound Table Talk

"We’re happy to host Liza Gershman for this edition of Table Talk. An award-winning photographer and accomplished writer, with a Master's Degree in English & American Literature, and a photography degree, Liza has nearly two decades of industry experience working in all facets of Commercial and Editorial photography and writing. With 12 published books to her name."

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Cuban Flavor Book in Italy's Icon Magazine

Colors, flavors, emotions and music: all this is Cuba. It has always been a fascinating universe, not just a place, but a microcosm of sensations and experiences, tremendously involving, with its beaches, characterized by an intense blue sea and beaches of white sand , vintage cars , the irresistible and decadent charm of Havana, the strong warmth of the people , the desire to dance and play.

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Cuban Flavor in Salon

Liza Gershman’s “Cuban Flavor” is an guide to a unique cuisine with Spanish, French, Haitian and Chinese influences

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Food, lifestyle and travel photographer Liza Gershman talks to Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego about her new book, 'Cuban Flavor, Exploring The Island's Unique Places, People & Cuisine.'

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