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Cuban flavor travel testimonials

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The Cuban Flavor team made our trip to Cuba so much more seamless and authentic than it otherwise might have been (if we went on our own). Through their well-established network there, they were able help us meet lots of great Cubans in their ever-expanding group of friends there not to mention have access to great local artists' homes, and have our day- and three-day trips to incredible places such as Vinales and Trinidad planned.  Highly recommend! - Ankur F

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Experiencing Cuba with the C team: I was a traveler, and not a tourist. I wanted to explore the art, food and drink, and culture of Cuba, and they ensured I see both the "must-see's" as well as the off-the-radar/local's experiences. From large warehouse art fairs, to intimate artist studios. From exclusive trendy nuevo-Cuban restaurant and bars, including stories from the owners, to local off the grid traditional cuisine (Hello Ropa Vieja and "Gas Station" beer-can flan). And possibly some Piña Coladas and mojitos in between.  To top it off, you could see and feel the team’s care for and connection with people of Cuba, which made all of the difference.  I cannot wait to visit Cuba again! - Jessica D

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I can't say enough about the experience they created — it was so wonderful I went back again two months later. My first trip to Cuba was during the mourning period of Fidel Castro's death.  Instead of what may have been a horrible trip due to mourning of Fidel and tours, restaurants and bars being was amazing.  The team quickly shifted gears and found locals and other guides to help us for the week.  We toured galleries, went to tiny bars where the music still played, enjoyed the history and food of delicious restaurants and traveled to the sea for some coastal style life.  All in all the team was amazing...they set expectations from getting on the flight to Havana, changing money, food, connecting us with locals they knew so we could see a non-touristy life...and even meeting artists where they helped all of the group negotiate and buy art that will forever be in our homes.  - Debbie G.

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